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Moon Reflection River lnn Guilin(Shui Yue Ge Boutique Hotel)

Moon Reflection River lnn Guilin(Shui Yue Ge Boutique Hotel) is located in the 'golden' section of the downtown business circle. It is a boutique hotel suitable for vacation, leisure and business travel. In front of the hotel is the Taohua River, the core area of the two rivers and four lakes. Among the flowers, trees and rocks, the mountains and the sea are facing each other, and the birds are chirping. Walking among them, it's like a fairyland.
The decoration materials of the hotel are environmental friendly and follow the Chinese style. They are simple, simple, elegant and rich in cultural connotation. They make the tradition show modernity, and the modern show classicality. Reflect the host's higher aesthetic taste and social status. Lying in a comfortable hotel, facing the Peach Blossom River, the story of a thousand years flows through the fingers.
The hotel suites have different styles and originality. It has 65 guest rooms, including Jiangjing family suite, honeymoon room, business standard room, mother and son room, mahjong room, characteristic round bed, etc., with selected American Shuda advanced mattresses, ultra quiet independent air conditioning, 50 megabit high-speed optical fiber special line, Wi-Fi seamless coverage, as well as restaurants, book bars, tea bars and self-service laundry areas.
The location of the hotel is unique, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Lijiang River and the convenience close to the city center. It takes about 3-10 minutes to walk to Xiangbi mountain, two rivers and four lakes central scenic spot, Sun Moon twin towers and Jingjiang King City scenic spot. The hotel is surrounded by large shopping malls, restaurants and hotels. It is also a leisure 'shopping paradise' Zhengyang pedestrian street and Xicheng pedestrian street.
As a professional Boutique Hotel, it has been adhering to the service concept of professional achievements, bringing a lot of entertainment for guests. Welcome to stay in shuiyuege Boutique Hotel and enjoy the noble journey of leisure and vacation.

Breakfast price: Ask the front desk for details.


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Moon Reflection River lnn Guilin(Shui Yue Ge Boutique Hotel)
Tel: +86-773-2838268
Add.: 17 South Ring Road, near Nanmen Bridge